The Life Changing Magic of Finally Reading All Those Books You Bought

And the extra spell of buying just a few more along the way

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This simple Japanese word describes the practice of purchasing and collecting many more books than you could ever hope to actually read.

Bookstagram and BookTok confirmed these suspicions.

Very quickly after diving into the world of book obsessed social media accounts, I realized that I was not alone. The book haul videos abound! The stacks upon stacks of “to be read” selections vastly outnumbered the “have read” piles!

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Photo by Alfons Morales on Unsplash

Thus begins a new chapter…

A concerted effort has begun — what better time to reimagine your ways than the start of a new year, eh? — to examine my shelves more seriously.

How does it feel?

In a word: comforting. I’m no longer trying to outpace myself by snatching up every book that catches my eye. I’m allowing books that have already caught my eye to recapture my attention. Forget the money I save by skipping the weekend splurges on hardcovers (a definite upside, to be sure) — just the surety that I will always have plenty to read is a bookworm’s ultimate comfort, and one I am learning to embrace.

Writer, Runner, Baker, Mother. Over caffeinated with my nose in a book.

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