Let’s Talk About “Sex Education” on Netflix

The show’s second season is now streaming, and it’s ready to have even deeper conversations.

The Trouble with the Trope

After what feels like eons of romantic comedy tropes and horrifyingly dangerous stereotypes about teenage behavior, I’m pretty done pretending there is any cause at all to justify inaccuracy for the sake of entertainment.

Sex Education has learned.

It sees those harmful scenes, and it twists them. It spins itself on the head of every so-called “classic” and gives you something not only more nuanced and more healthy… but more real.

And it sees both sides.

I may be at the most optimal time in my life to fully embrace a show like this.

Fun fact: teenagers are not always colossal morons.

Trailer punk? Supports herself alone with zero aid from her estranged family. She’s arguably the smartest kid in school — with a mental lexicon from the likes of Sartre to Woolf, Austen to Eliot, and Bronte to Plath — and she’s selling grade-A papers to classmates. Not exactly ethical, no, but enterprising, lucrative, and keeps her from losing her home.

Writer, Runner, Baker, Mother. Over caffeinated with my nose in a book.

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