Dear Book Lovers: Meet Your New Best Friend

Your literary fix is in excellent hands

Mary O'Brien
3 min readJul 14, 2020


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I get it.

We live in an age where convenience is key, and if shipping times are any longer than two days or if we (God forbid) have to pay for it, we move along to the more expedient, seemingly more cost effective option, right?

Of course we do. We’re about half a step behind Alexa beaming in our meals from a delivery drone flying overhead.

And as an avid reader, if there’s anything I purchase with steady regularity, it’s books. And this habit isn’t going anywhere anytime soon (just wait until you see how many I bought in quarantine).

Books are, therefore, the most important thing in my house that is in regular need of a steady, affordable supplier. Worry not, bibliophiles. I have discovered the land of plenty.

Ebooks are one thing.

My trusty Barnes & Noble Nook (yes, really — don’t laugh) cannot update as the device is no longer supported, but still holds charge as well as many digital favorites. My iPad and phone are linked to my local library system via the Libby and Overdrive apps, and the Kindle reader app sees its fair share of action as well, particularly for authors who have chosen to make their work exclusive to the Amazon platform via Kindle Direct Publishing Select.

But physical books are what I wish to focus our attention on, dear book lovers, because while we all acknowledge the fantastic convenience of ebooks, they have no smell and no weight and no little note from your grandmother wishing you a Merry Christmas. You’ll pull my vintage paperback copy of Letters to a Young Poet out of my cold, dead hands, thank you very much.

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