A mid-year analysis of my 2020 reading list and a single app’s growing influence

In the beginning…

I fell hard and fast down the rabbit hole known as TikTok a full year before isolation drove my millennial brethren into the arms of every solo distraction they could get their hands on.

My cousin had grown pretty famous on the app and I downloaded it for the sake…

Your literary fix is in excellent hands

I get it.

We live in an age where convenience is key, and if shipping times are any longer than two days or if we (God forbid) have to pay for it, we move along to the more expedient, seemingly more cost effective option, right?

Of course we do. We’re about half a…

Haven’t we all come up with new ways to entertain ourselves by now?

In case you have never ventured into the world of Bookstagram, allow me to be your guide.

Bookstagram is, at its most basic level, a hashtag. A painfully obvious and yet much beloved play on the words “book” and “Instagram” to draw the interest of users who enjoy both. …

We’ll make it through just fine, but that’s really not the point

I am a (relatively) well adjusted millennial adult with a steady flow of income, a loving and supportive family, a sturdy and committed relationship, a wonderful set of friends, and many hobbies and interests.

I am simply not struggling in the same ways that many others currently are. I have…

It’s confusing, it’s sexist, and it’s dangerous.

Reasons I’ve Never Wanted to Play

Once upon a time in college, I was trying to order myself a drink in a bar when a man in one of the highly coveted barstools swiveled so that his knee very deliberately brushed against my thigh.

As the place was crowded, I thought nothing of this, and many…

The show’s second season is now streaming, and it’s ready to have even deeper conversations.

I am not an obsessive person, but anyone who has any insight at all into my Netflix queue will tell you that I am incapable of shutting up about Sex Education.

It is not, by any means, the sort of television my partner would normally select for himself, but after…

Mary "Pepper" O'Brien

Writer, Runner, Baker, Mother. Over caffeinated with my nose in a book.

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