Why, yes… there’s much more.

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And the extra spell of buying just a few more along the way

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A mid-year analysis of my 2020 reading list and a single app’s growing influence

In the beginning…

Your literary fix is in excellent hands

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I get it.

Haven’t we all come up with new ways to entertain ourselves by now?

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In case you have never ventured into the world of Bookstagram, allow me to be your guide.

We’ll make it through just fine, but that’s really not the point

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I really don’t care a bit about football.

It’s confusing, it’s sexist, and it’s dangerous.

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Reasons I’ve Never Wanted to Play

The show’s second season is now streaming, and it’s ready to have even deeper conversations.

Mary "Pepper" O'Brien

Writer, Runner, Baker, Mother. Over caffeinated with my nose in a book.

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